How to keep longer life of the solar power system?

1. The quality of the parts.
2. Monitoring management.
3. Daily operation and maintenance of the system.

First point: quality of equipment
The solar energy system can be used for 25 years, and the support, components and inverters here contribute a lot. The first thing to say is the bracket it uses. The current bracket is usually made of galvanized c-shaped steel and aluminum alloy. The service life of these two materials is much longer than 25 years. Therefore, it is one aspect to choose a bracket with a long service life.

Then we will talk about photovoltaic modules. The service life of solar power plants is extended, and crystalline silicon modules are the main link. At present, there are polycrystalline and single crystal modules with a service life of 25 years in the market, and their conversion efficiency is high. Even after 25 years of use, they can still achieve 80% of the factory efficiency.

Finally, there is the inverter in the solar energy system. It is composed of electronic devices, which have a long service life. Selecting qualified products is the guarantee.

Second point: management of monitoring
The equipment of the solar power generation system is composed of photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries, supports, distribution boxes and other electronic components. The various equipment in this system come from different manufacturers. When the system is abnormal, it will cause difficulties in inspection. If manual inspection is used one by one, it will not only consume time, but also not be efficient.

In response to this problem, some leading solar power station service providers have developed photovoltaic monitoring systems to monitor the power generation of the power station in a real-time and all-round way, which not only greatly improves the overall efficiency of the power station, but also delays the aging of the power station.

Third point: daily operation and maintenance of the system
You should know that the best maintenance for the solar system is regular maintenance. The general system maintenance measures are as follows:
1. Regularly clean the solar array, remove dust, bird droppings, foreign matters, etc. on the surface, and observe whether the array glass is damaged and covered.
2. If the inverter and distribution box are outdoors, rainproof devices should be added, and the equipment should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

how to keep longer life of the solar power system
how to keep longer life of the solar power system1

Post time: Jan-03-2023